Pet Peeve Numero Deux

Elevators are an essential part of modern society. This invention is the sole reason that skyscrapers exist, other than steel. But the fact remains that elevators provide easy and quick access to building floors.

This wasn’t originally my second biggest pet peeve. But I forgot what it was supposed to be, so now I’m using this one.

I’m on the second floor of the building. There are only two floors in the building. I’m walking to exit the building and I’m moving alongside this other person. The stairwell is located right next to the elevator for safety and convience reasons. Hell, there’s not even a door to open to get to the stairs, just an open walkway into the lobby.

The other person walks faster than me and rushes to press the elevator button. Can’t blame ’em… who doesn’t like pressing those buttons? Anyway, I walk past the elevator and head straight for the stairs. I get down and realize that I forgot to get something.

I walk back up the stairs, walk past the person waiting for the elevator, walk back into the room. I wait about thirty seconds to ask for help. I walk back outside of the room, walk back past the same person who is still waiting for that same elevator car, and walk back down the stairs.


In the two minutes that I spent trying to make up for forgetting and having to retrace my actions, that person spent waiting for an elevator. It would have taken that person about ten seconds to walk down the stairs and carried on with the rest of his/her life. But instead, that person wastes two minutes waiting for an elevator.

I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their lives, but waiting for an elevator is NO way to spend your time. Not only do you save time, but you also can get some small amount of exercise, get your heart rate up, and increase your metabolism to lose some fat.

I mean, walking up five flights of stairs is one thing, but walking DOWN one flight of stairs is another.

Sometimes it just boggles the mind.

Missed last night’s episode of Scrubs. Must watch later today. Episode 618, I believe.

Tai Shan At National ZooTai Shan will stay at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. for two more years. Yah!

“The cub, now 125 pounds, took a few bites of a celebratory ‘cake,’ made of his favorite orange Popsicle and chopped fruit, before the cake rolled down a hill. He soon had both paws on it again and was chomping away.”

Eating while spread eagle. When you get live like this, why would you want to be anywhere else or do anything else?

And for those that don’t know, Tai Shan is a panda bear. Rhymes with Tanda Bear.

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  1. Another Pet Peeve being when the stairs are inaccessible and the elevator is the only method by which to make the descent. The time spent studying the sheen of the elevator door is mandatory.
    You should add your peeves to PeevePile:
    ~ N

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