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As of today (18 January 2017), only three NBA teams allow less than 100.0 ppg: Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, and Memphis Grizzlies. All three are in the Western Conference. The best defensive Eastern Conference team is the Detroit Pistons, currently last in the central division, allowing 101.0 ppg.

“It certainly seems disingenuous and hypocritical now to not open the doors or at least reconsider the candidacies of some of these lingering former stars of the game, their reputations forever sullied and irreparably damaged anyway, after people who benefited from their transgressions — such as [Bud] Selig and, let’s face it, a few big-name managers [e.g., Tony La Russa] who wrote their names into their lineups with regularity — have been so enshrined.”

— Peter Botte, New York Daily News, on the increased likelihood that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and other steroid-era superstars will eventually get voted into the MLB Hall of Fame

“…among [Chicago White] Sox fans, I am the Cubs’ No. 1 fan.”

— President Barack Obama on the Chicago Cubs visiting the White House to celebrate the team’s 2016 World Series Championship on Monday, 16 January 2017

[Tim] Tebow the baseball player is not a baseball player; he’s a washed-up quarterback who has size and nothing else.

— Keith Law on Tim Tebow’s baseball career in the Arizona Fall League with the New York Mets

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