DVDSpot Has Been Sold To CNET

My favorite DVD website organizer DVDSpot has been sold. It’s been a week since I last logged onto the site. I just finished watching The Fountain and I wanted to input it into my recently viewed. But sadly, I got an error page.


I googled “dvdspot” and I got this webpage that redirected me back to the dvdspot.com page and the error page. I clicked on the cached link and I got this.


CNET bought DVDSpot. (Pardon the small screenshots)

Kind of a weird connection, but I guess it kind of makes sense since CNET is a technology media company, but it would have made even more sense if DVDTalk or another DVD website bought it instead.

Hopefully in a few hours, I will be able to update my account. Hopefully it also looks better than before. Maybe a look more closer to a Web 2.0 website.

*** 9:43 PM 4.29.07 Update ***

I looked this morning and DVDSpot was up and running as if nothing had happened. No sign of anything with CNET on it.

Great story out of Kansas City and how baseball is a magical sport.

Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals promised to hit a home run for 11-year-old Matt Herndon who was scheduled to have brain surgery.

“He called me about it,” Sweeney said, “and I was choking back tears.”

The power of baseball.

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  1. does anyone know if the files that i had on dvdspot.com would be saved and if so how would i be able to retrieve them please email me and let me know

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