Apple Server + Barry Bonds

Apple Server NAB 2007

Here’s a look at probably the cleanest and most efficient server rack ever. Apple’s server included 3/4 Petabytes of storage space, 3 miles of fiber optic cable, 4 M2 Gb networks, 90 Xserves and 40 Xserve RAIDs.

Simply the best…

The San Francisco Giants have THE worst August schedule. With weather affecting much of baseball in early April, some teams paid dearly or will pay dearly. The former affected the Mariners and Felix Hernandez, while the latter affects the Giants as the team plays an amazing 31 games in 30 days with no off-day and including one double-header.

“If we’re professionals about it, the kind of players we are, and we know what we’re here for, it shouldn’t matter for us,” Molina said. “Everybody’s looking for a day off, but it’s Mother Nature. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’d be more than glad to play 60 in a row. I don’t care.”

Ouch. This brutal August will play a huge role in the National League West Division, and let’s just say I’d be more comfortable with the Giants leading the division at July 31, 2007 than not.

On a side note, a quote from Barry Bonds on Álex Rodríguez’s soon-to-be unpreceedented April and possibly future single season home run record:

“A-Rod, I’m so happy for him. It’s great. It’s phenomenal to watch. I hope you guys enjoy it, too, because it is just phenomenal. I hope he hits 100, I really do.”

Good for Barry. Too bad I didn’t see the video on him saying that. His body language would have given an more honest picture than just his words.

The Giants are super hot, winning their last six games to reach 10-8. H-O-T-T, HOT!

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