Yes, the Nintendo Wii is that and then some. It’s a lot of fun, but man if you’re out of shape, playing over extended periods can be painful. Boxing is the obvious example where you’re constantly keeping your arms up to play. Of course, you can find lazier ways around this, but why buy a Wii if you’re not going to immerse yourself in this kind of play?

It seems Sony can’t sell nearly as many PS3s as Nintendo can sell Wiis. Nintendo outsold Sony 355,000 units to 127,000 units in February. Microsoft sold 228,000 Xbox 360s. Although the one bright side for Sony is that the PS3 is helping to drive Blu ray disc sales, which is outselling my HD-DVDs. GRRR.

The funny thing is the one game the house has been playing the most of is Mario Kart 64 that we downloaded off of WiiConnect. The sad thing is the emulation needed to run Mario Kart slows down the game. It feels laggy that I thought the firmware update would have fixed but I guess didn’t.

Mario Kart 64

Tony and Mustafa played Wii Play for a long time last night, and they became greatly addicted the “Tanks” minigame. Of course, I owned them all. And to note, the “Table Tennis” one is really hard. I think it’s too sensitive for me.

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