Yes, the Nintendo Wii is that and then some. It’s a lot of fun, but man if you’re out of shape, playing over extended periods can be painful. Boxing is the obvious example where you’re constantly keeping your arms up to play. Of course, you can find lazier ways around this, but why buy a Wii if you’re not going to immerse yourself in this kind of play? … Continue reading…Wii-Lovin’

Sony Banks The Company On Blu-ray

I have a bet with my friend on which next-generation high definition video format will win. In five years, I think that Toshiba’s HD-DVD will win over Sony’s Blu-ray. Despite the technological superiority of Blu-ray over HD-DVD, I don’t think it’s what the people want or need (I think holographic technology will be better suited for our storage needs, but that’s about five years down the road). … Continue reading…Sony Banks The Company On Blu-ray