Almost Fell Off An Escalator

The definition of escalator:

An escalator is a conveyor transport device to transport people, consisting of a staircase whose steps move up or down on tracks which keep the surfaces of the individual steps horizontal. Most escalators have moving handrails that approximately keep pace with the movement of the steps.

I decided to just step on one going down with my hands in my pockets.

There is a reason why escalators have handrails.

Once I got on without at least touching the handrail, I swear that not only could I have fallen, I would have fallen off the escalator at least 30 feet. But I regained my composure. Not my self-esteem. No no, that was lost by the cute girl behind me who saw my mishap.

That was my safety tip of the day.

3 Replies to “Almost Fell Off An Escalator”

  1. I love how you explain what an escalator is in such detail. And I’m sorry about your lost ego. I had a similar experience too. I was five.

    PS Where are my CDs?! Oh, and do you have any Michael Buble? You rock, Tan the Man.

  2. I KNOW!! How crazy is THAT?! No more free music from Tan the Man! NOOOOOOOO!! Let’s all hang out some time next week when everyone’s free from finals.

    I’m feeling blue. 🙁

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