We Got A Wii!

Yes. After what seems like forever, the D&L household is Wii-compliant.

Went to a Target (will not identify for security purposes) at around 9:30 AM (yes, Target opens at 8:00 AM) and I asked the counter guy if they had any Wiis. He said they never received a shipment. Kinda weird, cause all of the forums indicated that that particular Target had Wiis. Plus a retailer can get sued if they don’t have any items they advertise to have available for purchase.

Oh well. On my way home I decided to take a 20 mile detour to Vacaville and try my luck at the Target there.

Whadya know? There were six when I got there at 10:30 AM. Right when I got in line, two people stood in line behind me and one person called on the phone to ask if any were available. I got there at the right time. Declined offers of a Target credit card and Target warranty before buying it and going home.

Stopped at Safeway for bread. And here I am.

Apparently Wiis are selling for over $300 on eBay. Eh. I think the joy of playing the Wii is worth more to me than the extra $40-50 of profit.

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