Tired, Tis I

Wow. I had no idea that getting only 60% of what you normally sleep will make you so drowsy. GRRR. Well, last night I slept about 7 hours, which is what I usually get for a Sunday night. However, I only got about five the night before that because for some reason I slept really late (3:00 AM) and woke up around my usual 8:30 AM. Well, I was still really tired, but I wanted to hit a few Targets to get my Wii. See previous post.

The console is really cool. The boxing part of Wii Sports really tired my shoulders.

Golf is surprisingly fun and tennis takes a lot of getting used to. For anyone who has ever played the sports (bowling and baseball included), you have to get your mindset of how you did it in real life. THe game mimics actual playing to a point, but nothing is 100% accurate. You might try a right-handed punch, but your character will swing with his left. Stuff like that.

Pretty cool interactive feature — Wiimote. Rlyconfused is going to try to borrow a Wi-Fi USB connector so we get purchase Mario Kart 64 — the best of the Mario Kart series.

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