D&L Is Having Issues

Hi. Haven’t updated in a long time. I’ve been without Internet for about a week and I’ve been trying to convert D&L from WordPress to Joomla! Joomla has more of what I want D&L to be but it’s really complicated to use and I don’t know if I have the time to learn it.

I’ll tinker with it, but until then… D&L 3.0beta will have to wait.

Will need to get the old theme back up soon.

***8:38 PM Update***

Received my Nintendo Wii Remote that I ordered from Amazon on Thursday. I received on a Saturday. That’s superfast shipping, plus it was free. I was this close to buying the nunchucks which were surprisingly in stock on Amazon too. But I didn’t pull the trigger and it was out of stock.

Hopefully rlyconfused and I can get a Wii tomorrow at Target.

Fingers crossed — you will have.

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