Eva Mendes Is AskMen’s Most Desirable Woman

AskMen just released its annual list of the “Top 99 Most Desirable Women” and 2009 is for the most part is a very good list.

Top 10

10. Kate Beckinsale (!)
9. Kristen Bell
8. Rihanna
7. Scarlett Johansson
6. Alessandra Ambrosio
5. Anne Hathaway
4. Keeley Hazell
3. Marisa Miller
2. Megan Fox
1. Eva Mendes

I think Anne Hathaway is a little too high. Kate Beckinsale is too low. I prefer Adriana Lima (19) to Alessandra Ambrosio. And Kristen Bell is just too cute.

Keeley Hazell, you break my heart…

Honorable Mention

11. Heidi Klum
16. Jessica Biel
18. Monica Bellucci
25. Penelope Cruz
30. Olga Kurylenko (!)
31. Isla Fisher (!)
34. Bar Refaeli (!)
39. Stacy Keibler
46. Miranda Kerr
67. Camilla Belle
71. Anna Paquin (!)
76. Carla Bruni
95. Elizabeth Banks
96. Ana Ivanovic (!)
99. Kate Winslet

I’m surprised that Marisa Tomei and Zooey Deschanel aren’t on the list. I also make no apologies for the high number of Victoria’s Secret models on my list…

I wish AskMen used Ajax like a modern website. The page loading took a little too long.

*** Update: 1.23.09 7:41 PM PST ***

Thinking about this list again, where’s Amy Adams?

UPDATE 2: Edited.

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