Molly McKinney Hosts Aqua Kids

I was channel surfing this afternoon when I stumbled across a show called Aqua Kids. It’s a show that helps teaches kids about animals and the environment.

Aqua Kids motivates young people to take an active role in preserving aquatic environments and wildlife, by showing how other kids just like them can do the same. Whether it’s saving sea turtles or participating in a beach cleanup, the Aqua Kids demonstrate the real and lasting contribution children can make in protecting the future of their community and the world.

It’s won all kinds of awards for children’s programming. It’s pretty cool, and it helps get those kids some important hands-on experience.


I hope that I don’t seem too weird since I’m watching a kids show about animals. Mind you, this isn’t on the Animal Planet or Discovery Channel. But let me bring your attention to the very attractive, perky, and up-beat host Molly.

I hope I have redeemed myself.


UPDATE: Edited. Images removed. Distasteful comments unapproved and post locked.

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  1. I want to:
    see Molly’s clam!
    eat Molly’s fishamajig
    lick Molly’s snail track
    put my fingers in Molly’s tunahelper
    have Molly squeeze the juice from my sea cucumber
    push my American Eel into Molly’s starfish!

  2. Molly is the only reason i ever watched that corny show. i mean i love nature and fish and shit like that but shes the draw, not the dolphins

  3. Molly McKinney is a college grad and associate producer of the show. There’s no “pedo” involved. She’s hot and absolutely the reason people keep watching. Sure, they go cool places and do cool things… But people (ok, mostly the guys) watch it a second time because of her… lol

  4. I just saw the show for the first time today and immediately
    Googled Molly she is bad as hell she looks exactly like my ex-girlfriend
    So if she reads this she should drop me a line Lol.

  5. Molly is so hot and so smart! I barely saw the show for the first time today and I was instantly hooked to her beauty and intelligence. I love her red hair too!

  6. Agree, I would have keep channel chasing if it wasn’t for Molly. I’ve got a thing for red heads, especially science geek ones. I’m sure the carpet matches the drapes. Those shorts almost kill me and, oh, those tight tee-shirts. Keep it up Molly!!!

  7. Molly in a wet tshirt would really boost the ratings. Just once she needs to fall in the water in her green shirt.

  8. Molly McKinney is a beautiful, educated, talented women. Her dedication to teaching children about marine environments through her show is something that should be commended. I enjoy watching her on Aqua kids and hope she continues doing what she does. What a women, beauty and brains, wish there were more out there like her!!!

  9. Molly is an Irish Goddess!!! That fiery red hair, that porcelain skin, the head to toe freckles. She is a beauty, gorgeous face, fantastic body and OMFG those feet. I could spend a whole day licking and sucking her toes!!!

  10. Also that little Rolly he’s a cute little boy I’d like to put my peenor in his bellybutton and punch him.

  11. That is so true,Molly is the one and only reason a guy would watch that show. Unless he were a PEDO.

  12. Molly is the host of a childrens show…So people should be aware that a child might check this sight out…It upsets me to see people use sexual comments about someone… That anyone could see…

  13. Hello,

    Molly Iam Maria, mother of three wonderful kids the love the water we like to snorke and their father michael is a diver we love the ocean my kids haven seen your show and we love to be in your club and participate in your next clean up or next event please conctact me we would love to volunteer.

    Thank you for caring for all of us and for all the mammals that are left in this world… thumps up for you and your team.

  14. molly is now off the show probably because of all the jerks & thier sexual comments. come on peaple its a kids show & now its most interesting member is gone.with all the dirty stuff on the internet you would riun it for NORMAL fans.thanks alot.if molly reads any of these comments I hope it doesnt discourage her from continuing her lifes work.I appriciate herbeauty but SAVING THE PLANET is what its about.

  15. bunch of jerks leaving comments of sexual nature. these are dudes that cant talk to real girls & live in thier moms basement

  16. Molly is adorable, smart, warm, caring and beautiful. Her sexiness is almost off the charts. I would be intimidated to tell her this, but I have imagined touching her between her legs. Her clam felt lovely. Warm and wet. I found where it seemed to feel best for her and rubbed a little faster when her body langauge told me to. All just make-believe,

  17. Jacques Cousteau, Steve Irwin, Molly McKinney — who would you rather learn about nature from? And I’m confident she IS as hot in person as she looks on TV because of what she does, she couldn’t have pancake make-up slathered on her like others on TV. All that make up would be dripping of her face like molasses from a maple tree. Her smoking, red-headed hotness is what will keep AK running in syndication for years.

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