Fantasy Baseball + The Lovely Anna Paquin

This would make it the third (or fourth, can never remember) straight year of reaching the World Series in my private Yahoo! fantasy baseball league. This league means more to me because my opponents are much more knowledgeable than the average fantasy baseball player.

Of course, I still haven’t won the league despite my skill at managing my teams. I feel like the Atlanta Braves. Low blow, but hey… how many consecutive division titles did that team have?


This has been an even more unbelievable season. Climbing from being a month in the cellar all the way to third place isn’t too bad. I missed second by a couple of points.

If I don’t win this year, I’ll kill myself.

Here’s the lovely Anna Paquin at the 2007 Emmy Awards.

*** 6:52 PM PST Update ***

Cool blurb I just read. Long ago, then GMs of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox had drunken handshakes on trading Joe Di Maggio and Ted Williams.

“Toots,” a documentary about legendary Big Apple barman Toots Shor that will open in Boston next month, contains a fascinating piece of Red Sox-Yankees trivia that could have altered baseball history. Seems then-Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey and former Yankees owner Dan Topping got hammered in Toots’ joint one night and decided to swap Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams. They even shook on it. The next morning, Yawkey realized his mistake and called Topping, who now had second thoughts himself, and the whole thing was off.

The funny thing is that the trade almost fair…

UPDATE: Edited.

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