D&L Site Maintenance

I spent some time today doing the usual maintenance on the D&L like backing up all of my files and other what-not.

I also added new photos to the Wholesome Hotties and Handsome Hunks pages. Shania Twain and the very lovely Anna Kournikova (I watched her TeamTennis matches in Sacramento, CA last week) were added, as well as David Beckham. Beckham was added to commemorate what was supposed to be his MLS debut today. Oh well. He’s still a hunk.

It’s a very nice day today.

Here’s a quick quote from the movie Lonesome Jim with Casey Affleck and Liv Tyler.

Anika: What kind of coach are you? Your team’s not even playing basketball.

Jim: There’s so many fun and cheery people in the world. Don’t you think you’d be better off with one of them? Someone more like yourself?
Anika: You think I’m fun and cheery?
Jim: Of course you are.
Anika: You just can’t stop complimenting me, can you?

Cool movie. Everyone should check it out.

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  1. candy has the movie lonesome jim, but we haven’t had time to watch it yet. oh and i saw pics of brad pitt today because i was bored of studying. and even though he is getting older, he is still very hot.

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