Prince Fielder Hits First Triple Of The Year

Mark it down. On July 24, 2007, Prince Fielder hit his first triple of the year and the second in his career. And surprisingly for a guy who has a listed weight of 262 pounds at a height of 6’0″, he has seven stolen bases on his resume. They all came last year and he’s been caught twice so far this year, but hey… that adds to his deadliness.

The guy’s on pace for 49 freakin’ home runs. And that’s just a prorated assessment of what he’s hit so far. It doesn’t equate any hot streaks that he’s bound to have. 50 wouldn’t be a stretch by any means.

Prince Fielder - Milwaukee Brewers

BTW… The San Francisco Giants keep losing, except when Tim Lincecum pitches.

The other day, I got flagged down by a group of kids selling lemonade on the side of the street. I had to pull two U-ies before I could pull my car within buying range.

Even then I didn’t get out of my car. It was way too hot. Instead I rolled down my passenger side window and motioned one of the kids to me. He quoted me the price. I gave him a dollar and he gave me a full plastic cup of lemonade. I must say that it was very lemony.

Two things striked as funny:

1. The prices were a little high. A quarter was the lowest price for the smallest sized lemonade. What happened to 10 cent cups?

2. Me pulling my car over to a group of kids on the side of the road. I had glimpses of me getting called in by neighbords reporting me as a sexual deviant. Smart kids though. There were at least six of them, which keeps them safer.

Way to go!

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