Mark Cuban On Don Imus

Mark Cuban is a man of his words. He says whatever is on his mind, and takes the consequences. David Stern has fined Cuban up the butt for all of his criticisms of the NBA and its officials.

Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks, and in one sense, Cuban is a maverick of non-PC living. The world is hindered by trying to be politically correct all the time. The problem? The world ISN’T politically correct, so why like it is? I should use examples, but I haven’t consumed enough coffee yet. Although, you could say that Cuban has the luxury of not having to conform to the same standards that other people have to. He doesn’t need to hold his tongue, since he has lots of money and owns many companies. He can afford not to conform, whereas many others must.

Cuban on Don Imus:

Don Imus got fired. Dumb insensitive comments. Not only was his firing the end of his show and employment, it was a tombstone for independent thinking in mainstream media.

I don’t need to talk about what Imus said. You can find that almost everywhere. Cuban doesn’t condone Imus’ words, but he does talk about his views on how badly corporations have destroyed non-mainstream thinking and discussion. Imus was an advertising darling for his radio station, and he was fired when many of his advertisers left his show. Would he have been fired if none of those advertisers left? Probably not.

It’s all about the money.

I will give Cuban props for his last comment:

If the Imus show was on HDNet would I have fired him ? Hell no. I would have expected him to apologize, but he would have kept his job. Firing him would just get him a job on HBO.


Mosquitos have come back.

Happy Picnic Day 2007.

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