Jamba Juice Makes Crappy Lip Balm

Aloha Pineapple From Jamba JuiceOn our recent excursion, jinamina wanted to stop by Jamba Juice because of her crazy craving for a smoothie. I’m not a big fan of smoothies so I didn’t get one. Rlyconfused was intrigued by a green tea smoothie.

Standing in line, I noticed Jamba Juice’s lip balm conveniently located next to the cash register. There were three flavors. Once I saw the Aloha Pineapple one I ordered rlyconfused to buy it. BTW, I still need to pay you for this.

It smelled good. Feel good? Not so much.

Either the material the lip balm was made from inferior stuff or I’m packing hot stuff because after I put it in my pocket, the thing melted. And I’m not gonna throw it away until after I finish it, so I’m using melted and gooey lip balm to protect my precious lips from the harshness of the sun.

I give it two stars… out of 100. But it does smell good.

Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald on Don Imus:

Is it any wonder kids ignore their teachers, coaches and clergy when they see political leaders call the president names you wouldn’t use in a bar fight? Disagreement in politics is natural and necessary, but disrespect is unnecessary and harmful.

It’s nice to see someone bringing attention to the concepts of decency and respect.

I was taught to respect the title and the office, whether or not you like or voted for the person, but young people today are hearing a much different message.

Exactly. The American President is an extension of the American people, although I do think it is a right to criticize when you feel there is error. But then again, I do think that the opinions that lean negatively toward Bush are from a small, but very vocal minority. Their side’s strength lies in convincing enough people that don’t really care about what’s going on to regurgitate what you’re telling them, thus creating a majority opinion — despite not many people knowing what is really happening in this country, let alone the rest of the world. And to be fair, the the right-wing is the same way.

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