Dorks And Losers’ Miis

People have finally started to create their own Miis on our Wii. It’s pretty cool to have such accurate extensions of ourselves on the best next gen console.

Can you identify who is who?

Wii Characters


I watched a lot of History Channel yesterday. Modern Marvels is a very cool show and a lot of it was about mega machines including this ship that can transport an oil rig across oceans. It’s pretty cool.

The New York Yankees could be that stupid. The team started a new training program that de-emphasizes the most fundamental and simplest way to exercise: running.

That really doesn’t make much sense and many players are injured or are already on the disabled list like Chien-Ming Wang, Hideki Matsui, and maybe soon Mike Mussina. Coincidence?

Here’s a picture of the proposed new $560 million Minnesota Twins ballpark. Looks pretty, but a little too modern for my taste.

Twins Stadium

Coming in 2010.

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