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I’ve finally remembered to bring my laptop to school today. The wireless connection on the library’s fourth floor isn’t too bad considering I’m the farthest you could be from the building’s center.

I’m a wannabe hermit.

Here are some random pictures I’ve found. Well this first one is random.

A recent eBay auction of one man’s sale of what he calls every NES game ever made. One word. Awesome.

These are some not-so random pictures of last week’s 2007 Miss USA pageant preliminaries.

Miss Arkansas 2006 Amber Bennett and Miss Maine 2006 Katee Stearns, respectively.

The 2007 Miss America pageant will take place March 27, 2007. Heaven awaits you.

2 Replies to “Random Pictures”

  1. Just so you will know. The pictures of Miss Arkansas and Miss Maine are NOT Miss USA contestants. They are Miss AMERICA contestants and competed for Miss America on Jan. 29th. (MAO has a talent competition) http://www.missamerica.com

    Miss USA (owned by Donald Trump) is the pageant that is happening in March. (This pageant does not have a talent competition)

    Thank you and hope this helps clear it up for you.

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