Friday Stuff

I washed my bedsheets and I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. That’s a good rule of thumb. To get a good night sleep, wash your sheets.

Two things happened in class on Friday,

  1. Heard two of the most dumbest questions ever by students.
  2. Saw a two people dealing in suspicious items in broad daylight, with a clear bag. Let’s just say you could definitely smell what it was.

The two dumb questions were: “Who is Geronimo?” and “Do we have to share the same beliefs you do in order to pass this class?” The first question isn’t as dumb as the second question, but if there were two Native Americans that everyone should ever know, one being Sacagawea, then at least one of them has to be Geronimo. He was badass.

Both questions (asked by two girls — you make your own assumption) came from my journalism class which emphasizes in mass media. My professor leans heavily to the left, but he speaks nothing but the truth. He presents his facts, which to the casual observer would seem that he is highly critical of conservatives, but I think he comes across more as being resentful toward rich people. Rich people do control the world. That’s obvious. But the girl that asked the second question clearly sounded as if she was trying to show up the dude.

What answer did she expect he would give? Yes, you do have to have to believe these liberal ideals and also bash Bush whenever you can and as often as possible? Jeez. At least with the first question, I can at least give that student the benefit of doubt because most people confuse Native Americans with Indians.

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