I Really, Really Hate School

Going to school today, I had this terrible feeling hit me.

I really, really hate school. It’s not that “I don’t wanna go to school today, mom” kinda feeling. It’s the “I’d rather drill a hole through my brain than to sit through another lecture” kinda feeling.

So I figured out that I’m really, really smart.

There’s a freeway on-ramp right next to Sac State that everyone uses. Well, during rush hour, it’s metered so non-carpool cars have to wait their turn at a light. This is always crowded so I decided to keep driving and not sit in traffic to even get on the freeway.

Literally two blocks down the streets is another freeway on-ramp with a light meter, but absolutely no traffic.

Although I really won’t have to face this problem when I finally get my carpool sticker for my Prius. The beauty of carpool lane driving in a single passenger car.

In addition to the Of Montreal concert I’m going to on Monday, I’m also attending Erin McKeown at Cafe Du Nord in SF the night before. Getting up to go to class Monday morning might be a drag.

Sucks for me.

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