Picnic Day in Davis

For a lot of people in Davis, Picnic Day is the most exciting day of the year. To some, it’s a chance to learn a lot about what students and faculty are working on. There are lots of bands (mostly start-up bands) that play for huge crowds. There are lots of food and tons of single women. You might find a lot of drunk people who show up to have fun all by themselves. This year, we walked around, caught the dog show and walked some more. Blub and I entered this Doom 3 contest. I won the round with 18 kills and I might end up winning a new gaming mouse. Yah pour moi.

2 Replies to “Picnic Day in Davis”

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble Tan The Man, but you only got 16 kills, and placed second place. The winner had 17 kills 🙂 Hahahaha.

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