Today = Bad Day x Infinity

Today started off okay.¬†Even though I went to bed earlier than usual, I was still very tired. I biked to work and did my usual shift. I got an unusual amount of praise with my carrying many boxes back and forth between offices, which is fine. Five minutes left till lunch time, I notice that the water cooler was empty. I’ve done this a thousand times so I didn’t hesitate to remove the empty container and try to load a new one. As soon as I lift the full container, my arms give way and I drop the container. It breaks and gallons upon gallons of water fill the hallway and adjacent¬†offices.

I won’t mention the rest, but I guess I saw this coming. Last night, I finally confirmed to myself that the bite on my crotch is in fact a spider bite. I went to the bathroom last night and took a little pee. I look back at my hand and see lots of blood and puss. I look down and see that the bite had exploded, soaking my underwear with lots of blood and oil and puss. This same explosion happened as the water container fell to its death and exploded just the same way.

Currently listening to: nothing. because I forgot to recharge my iPod…

5 Replies to “Today = Bad Day x Infinity”

  1. awww, you poor thing! i’m so sorry. hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. cheers.

  2. i’ve got a bug bite smack dab in the middle of my chest, between my nonexistant boobies. take that, tony! mwahahahaha!

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