Picnic Day in Davis

For a lot of people in Davis, Picnic Day is the most exciting day of the year. To some, it’s a chance to learn a lot about what students and faculty are working on. There are lots of bands (mostly start-up bands) that play for huge crowds. There are lots of food and tons of single women. You might find a lot of drunk people who show up to have fun all by themselves. This year, we walked around, caught the dog show and walked some more. Blub and I entered this Doom 3 contest. I won the round with 18 kills and I might end up winning a new gaming mouse. Yah pour moi. … Continue reading…Picnic Day in Davis

Sonny Rollins Concert

Last night, our friendly neighbor was smart enough to buy tickets long ago and not the night of like Wildo tried to do. In his defense, he thought the concert was for this Sunday instead of last night. The concert was good, not great. There was a musician playing the bongos that I thought threw off the entire band. I think I was expecting more of a blues jazz kind of concert. Oh well. There was something else that I had on my mind, but I seemed to have forgotten it. … Continue reading…Sonny Rollins Concert

Xiu Xiu Concert Last Thursday

I don’t know if anyone knew that there was going to be a Xiu Xiu concert last Thursday except for the bands and the ASUCD Entertainment Council. It was a free concert and Xiu Xiu performed along with an extended opening act involving the bands Grouper, Sholi and Dead Science. I really liked Xiu Xiu, and a couple of songs from Sholi and Dead Science, but no one else did — friendly neighbor, BEG or davistiger. Next time I will make them listen to the band before I push them to go to the concert. … Continue reading…Xiu Xiu Concert Last Thursday