Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Yep, I made Tan the Man, rlyconfused, Ahram, and Tony watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday, and it was AWESOME. You see, Tan the Man is wrong to compare Harry Potter with Walk the Line, they are two COMPLETELY different movies, each very good in their own way. The Harry Potter movies are sweet and magical and invoke a sense of childlike whimsy and fantasy. They are incredibly brilliant that way. The movies (and probably the books) are able to captivate children of all ages. I suppose that is the key, you must still have a sense of what it is to be a child and be able to remember and feel the magic without simply passing it off as fake or impossible or stupid.

The newest Harry Potter took me back to my early teens, when girls and boys were really starting to notice each other, but were still to young and silly to pursue actual romance. The movie took on a very dark note with sadistic and dangerous events in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, the murder of a student, and the return of Voldemort. The whole underlying theme of this movie is about growing up. Harry and his friends have hit a pivotal moment in their lives from which they cannot turn back, only push forward into a future that is growing darker and more sinister as each year passes.

The computer graphics in the movie were AMAZING. The dragons looked real, ghosts weren’t stupid, but beautiful and three-dimensional, the flying horses, the ship that traveled underwater, the merpeople!!! It was just sooooo well done and so awe-inspiring. It felt a bit too long toward the end- two and a half hours is a really long time for a movie, but it was well worth it. See Walk the Line, see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and keep yourself open to the experience. It feels really good.

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