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Well these days I’ve not been doing much haha. Just kind of sitting around and watching life pass by until I drive back to LA tommorrow. I’m psyched yet at the same time a bit blahed about it. I bought my brother a new bike today, but i’m so low on cash that I think I should have haha, but he’s my brother y’know? its ok to splurge on his butt once in a while. The downside of going back is that I really don’t want to see my grandma in the hospital. She’s been in a coma for the past 2 weeks and hasn’t woken up yet. Setting that junk aside, things have gotten more interesting around Davis. There’s this one girl in my Japanese class that seems interested somewhat in me though we barely have anything incommon. And then I coincidentally bumped into a girl from my Japanese program in the gym and started studying with her, she and I have very similiar personalities and so we hit it off pretty well. But because I am so essential to the group of dorks and losers, I think that something chose for me to always get screwed over somehow. Because as I found out recently that these two girls are pretty close friends! hahaha how great is that?? What luck!! Though I’ve not hit on either of them yet, I don’t think that anything would ever become of this whole thing lol. Well whatever friendships are good and all and probably best for one whose a dork and loser… Yay more people to gawk at the glorious life of the dorks and losers.

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  1. Didn’t you have a dream about that? You were dating two girls at once who were pretty good friends and they had no idea what was going on. I think that this is a sign, Blub. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

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