Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sucks

Goblet Of FireYeah, I said it. They all made me go with them to see Harry Potter. Goblet of Fire sucks, but I will say that it’s a heck of a lot better than Chamber of Secrets that BEG made me watch, er, sleep through a few years ago. It’s not that bad for the simple fact that we’re not seeing children and dealing with their issues but more mature young adults. Walk The Line is a way better movie. I want my five hours back! Damn I hate waiting in line!

Bring it BEG!


1. A Japanese hand job machine for all those lazy people.: here
2. To be paid to play video games. Oh that’s what we all want… here
3. Another kick in the pants. Probably worse than Rlyconfused’s DVD fiasco. Not buying Google stock when it was at the low $85 a share. Damn, could’ve made a 375% profit: here
4. Meet the IT Gigolo. He takes sexual favors from women. Sorry men, he’ll only take cash from you: here

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