Pokerpalooza – Fall 2005

I’ve been mentally preparing for the 2nd annual UC Davis Pokerpalooza tournament. If Tony and BEG’s laziness didn’t get the better of them, they would be preparing too. I will not be alone in this tournament, for Blub has entered and so has his roommate Chris – he did it last year too. My goal is to be at that final table, hopefully besting my 7th place finish. There were about 120 players last year, and this year the field is over 200. Will it be Tan The Man’s year? Will it be Blub’s?

The final table of the Spring 2005 tournament. Find Waldo!

Saturday was supposed to be another year of getting our asses kicked at College Bowl; but for some reasons beyond our control, we did not enter. (Blame Ted)

(Blame Jia Min)

Take that!

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