Online Boredom

I’m soooo sleeeeepy. And pretty bored, I must say. Class doesn’t start for another hour and I didn’t bring anything to school to work on. All I can do to stay awake is go online. BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ONLINE.

I’ve checked every email account I have, I’ve gone to facebook, I checked my bank account balance, I wrote a couple of emails… now what? I don’t have enough money to shop… my eyes are too droppy to read the news… I don’t get it Tan the Man and rlyconfused… what do you guys do during your endless hours online? Is there really that much porn out on the web?

Seriously, what is there to do on the net? I like to find recipes at but that can only be done for so long until I get bored or hungry… Yahoo? Games? Research? What?

What do you guys really like to do online?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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