Complete Lapse In Concentration

After six hours of showing up to class and working at the office, I wanted to go home as quickly as possible. I get out of class with a bunch of things on my mind: wondering whether my Blockbuster movies will show up in the mailbox, wondering what to eat for dinner, wondering whether I should start my homework that’s due on Friday.

All that thinking is taking place as I walk out of class, out of Olson Hall and to my bike sitting parked under a nice tree. I get to my bike, unlock it, walk it past the tree and try to get on it.


I fall. My ass hurts. Quick checks to my body reveal pain on my left palm and right forearm. Blood check reveals no skin punctures. I look at my bike and see that my bike is locked. I had so much on my mind that when I unlocked my bike, I locked it back just as was. Thankfully my professor let us out early so only a few people saw my lapse in concentration. An oil stain on my leg reminds me of this event.

2 Replies to “Complete Lapse In Concentration”

  1. you sound like you’re hung over. Take a nap, eat a banana and hopefully, you’re bald head will start to grow some hair.

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