School Sucks II

Yup, it’s that time of the quarter where school becomes like a comet racing toward Earth. Just hit us and get it over with. I hate school. Next quarter will suck. I’m taking 4 English classes in an attempt to graduate early. The suckiest class will be my upper division seminar with only about 14 other people, meaning I have to socialize and do oral presentations. Very sucky, and I’m not looking very forward to this class. Grrr.

And a little bit of D&L news, the transition to a new webhost is finally complete, and hopefully the file manager will work and allow me to post pictures again. That would be cool.

2 Replies to “School Sucks II”

  1. “u are academically inclined.”

    did u ever read that article i emailed u about that history professor from usf writing about how usf students are unintelligent, the reason why they came to usf is because they couldnt get into an ivy league.

    but i must say ur writing is getting better, u bald eagle…

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