Done done done done done DONE

Free as the wind blows…
FREEEEEE she said with glee…

I’m done with midterms and done with my paper.

I’ve had such terrible sleep deprivation this week because, of course, I’ve been putting off studying till the last minute… *sigh* But now it’s over! Teehehehe 😛 Oh I can do all sorts of things this weekend… Like play poker and get drunk tonight… ooooo and tomorrow I’ll sleep in as late as I want, then have bacon and eggs for breakfast yum! Oooo and I’ll break into my Everyday Italian DVD collection that Tony got me and get my Giada fix. 🙂 JOY!!

Does anyone want to do anything this weekend? I think Rlyconfused wants to watch Jarhead. I’m game. But for a matinee movie, por favor. I hate watching movies so late at night. I get sleepy during the movie and can’t get into it as much.

I think I’ll watch a DVD now…

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