October Stuff

So the pumpkins have arrived… well they came by car two days ago and no one seems to have any impetous to carve them. I must to be getting Ms. Heo over here so that we can all sit down and carve them tonight. What do you think? I’d like to carve them ASAP so that the Halloween spirit doesn’t die before Halloween even arrives…

Tan the Man, I cannot post pictures. You seem to have magical picture posting abilities that I sadly do not possess. *sigh* I feel so inadequate. I want to take pictures of us all carving our pumpkins.

I’m not going to talk about Six Flags and that is for one reason only. Tan the Man did not come. I probably would have gone on and on about how much fun we had on the roller coasters and how badly the haunted maze and zombies sucked, but I won’t. Because Tan the Man did not come. It probably would have been a trillion times better if he had, but he didn’t. 😉 *sigh*


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