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September is here, and that means there are only two more weeks of Summer Session 2 left. Thank God. Looking at D&L Google Adsense stats, August is the second straight month for 1000+hits. Yeah!

According to D&L awstats, the number of unique vistors rose from 394 in July to 546 in August. That is tremendous growth, despite what Tony The Dipshit says. August also has D&L’s first visitors from Istanbul and South Africa (the latter being just last week). Welcome.

Dorks And Losers is part of Google Adsense, like I mentioned earlier and from the ads in sidebar. I am pleased to announce D&L’s acceptance to Yahoo! Publisher. We have been accepted into Yahoo!’s ad-based system, and hopefully this weekend I will implement it into D&L. Cool.

Yahoo! is having an even better sale of domain registration. I bought dorksandlosers.com for $4.99/year for 5 years, which comes to less than $25. However, Yahoo! just dropped it to $1.99/year, which kills me a little. Although I had no idea that (1) the price would drop so much and (2) it was almost four months ago that I registered the domain. I will register losersanddorks.com as an optional redirected domain. Sadly however, there is no dl.com available. Darn. That would have been cool. And because the price is cheap, I will also register tantheman.info for myself. Someone already registered tantheman.com. Dammit.

Another interesting note is that Blogshares for D&L has jumped from B$7,938.84 to B$11,758.61. Our out-link value also rose from B$730.80 to B$1,078.60. Cool and useless.

Pingoat.com has blacklisted this site for being questionable. This is weird since there is no pornography or much language on this site. I e-mailed them, and hopefully this will be taken out. Pingoat is a website that offers free automatic pinging to many search and web directories.

Yesterday, I gave blood. The total time took ten minutes. Blood just wants to exit my body.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll post an update to my Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball teams. It’s the last week of the regular season.

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