Busy Day

Today, I plan to leave work a little early so I can give blood before Bloodsource closes at 5. That’ll be cool. This makes 5 trips, and that means I get a free pen, in addition to a free pint of blood. I have a paper due tomorrow, but I need the the DVD to write about it. I’m doing my paper on Hiroshima, Mon Amour and I’m writing about the mise-en-scene and cinematography of a scene, so I need the scene in front of me to write about it. Grr. 49er Video must call me, or I have to buy it, which I was planning to but for a cheaper price than Borders.

Too many things happening. I feel stressed out. I shouldn’t be.

Oh yeah. On Friday I have a screening for this milkshake study. It’s cool. You drink milkshakes… get paid. How neat is that?

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