It’s Hot Today

After I got off work, I went to my old house to do a few last minute things before I fully move out. On my way to my new place, I came across the best home on a street I forget the name of. There were five to seven incredibly cute to hot girls coming out of it. I’m assuming that they were moving stuff because they were all wearing skimpy outfits. As I passed by the house and the girls, I stared at them long enough to get aroused, but not long enough for them to notice me stalking them. But I guess they would have to know that dorks like me would gawk at them with the clothes that they were wearing. It’s days like this that make me praise the heat.

We watched this movie. It’s pretty good.

Quick links:

  • A praying mantis kills a hummingbird. Sweet! Here.
  • Man dies from having sex with a horse. Here.
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