I, much like rlyconfused, have neglected my blogging duties… sorry Tan the Man. But it has been really hectic the last couple of weeks. Ok, so last week there was moving… and I have a ton of crap. Well, Tony and I have a ton of crap, a lot of which is community crap so it’s not like I’m a packrat, I just like to have sofas and tables and stuff. So there was all of that last week. Plus finals for last session. I got a C- in O Chem (woo hoo) and an A in art. Maybe I’m in the wrong major… seriously.

So last weekend my parents came up and that was fun, but still time consuming. I don’t have an excuse for not blogging this week except that a new session of summer school has started and I’m still settling into the new house. And what an awesome house… OMG, we really scored, guys. This place is truly magnificent. I almost stop strangers on the street to tell them about it. Skylights, two stories, a walk in closet, view of the lake, two car garage, washer and dryer (thanks mom and mim!), jaccuzi tub, vaulted cielings, teeny backyard WITH GRASS… *sigh* I have found home for the next two years.

We’ll probably go down to the lake today and do some canoing. Rlyconfused wants to use the paddle boats… dork :). That country club is amazing… I’m so glad we all wanted to do it.

Tan the Man raced to the window to check out a pair of legs loading stuff into her car. When Tony turned to look all he saw was a sixty year old woman… It was because you didn’t have your glasses on or your contacts in right Tan the Man?

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