Command and I shall go

I have been commanded by Tan the Man to blog in AIM conversation that went as follows:

tan the man: blog u bastard
rlyconfused: hahah
rlyconfused: okay

And thus I am conscripted to service to scratch my head…

So. I was invited to go dance the salsa by a young lady friend. Now, anyone who’s met me will immediately go “oh shit. dance floor? that guy?” and either duck for cover or immediately burst out in laughter. And thus we will find out next thursday, exactly HOW many people I can kill simply by dancing next to them.

Also, in other related news, I’ve learned that I’ve somehow signed up for 5 more years of hell. My uncle tells me that the salary ceiling and promotion limit on a Masters sucks the big one. Thus it’s Ph.D or bust. I’m betting on bust, but we’ll see.

And having fulfilled my obligations, I bid you all ADIEU.

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