Stereophonics – Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (2005)

Stereophonics - Language. Sex. Violence. Other?The Stereophonics‘ new album is a big departure from the band’s earlier albums and sounds. Language. Sex. Violence. Other? shows flashes of edge to combine with the band’s already defined alternative sound. What results is a reminiscing feeling of listening to 80s glam rock.

The opening track “Superman” is the edgiest track that I’ve ever heard from the band. I was completely disheveled with “Doorman” and “Dakota” are tracks that could have played on previous Stereophonics albums, but seem very out of place on an album like this. Especially out of place is the U2 sounding “Rewind”- – I could easily see the band on top of a building rooftop playing this song as hundreds of people gather around the building.

The band might be headed toward retro rock (Scissor Sisters) with “Pedalpusher,” toward a post-grunge revival (Audioslave) with “Devil” or toward a different alternative sound a la Modest Mouse with “Lolita.” The Stereophonics might just be experimenting, which is a good thing because there are some bands who trap themselves into a singular sound. Language. Sex. Violence. Other? is a fine effort.


[photo via Bands Wallpaper]

Track list:

    1. Superman
    2. Doorman
    3. Brother
    4. Devil
    5. Dakota
    6. Rewind
    7. Pedalpusher
    8. Girl
    9. Lolita
    10. Deadhead
    11. Feel

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