Mercury Rev – The Secret Migration (2005)

Mercury Rev - The Secret MigrationMercury Rev‘s sixth album proves to be a march toward electronic sounds, which might be a blessing in disguise. The opening track “Secret For A Song” reflects the possible influence that The Postal Service might have on bands nowadays, although Mercury Rev has existed for a long time. Maybe MR wanted a new sound?

In “Diamonds” Mercury Rev channels a combination of Electronic Light Orchestra and The Polyphonic Spree, while “Vermillion” is a slower tempo channeling of Frou Frou and “In A Funny Way” could be mistaken for The Jesus And Mary Chain. From the gentle “My Love” to the serene “Moving On,” Mercury Chain is creating an arrangement of varied sounds to test what directions it can take.

Of the many sounds that one can experiment with, electronic isn’t a bad choice. The Postal Service has found a niche audience, and Mercury Rev can revive itself through a new audience. The title of the closing track “Down Poured The Rains” tells us how the band views its future — sometimes a new beginning happens after all is washed away.

Mercury Rev

[photo via The Deli]

Track list:

    1. Secret For A Song
    2. Across Yer Ocean
    3. Diamonds
    4. Black Forest (Lorelei)
    5. Vermillion
    6. In The Wilderness
    7. In A Funny Way
    8. My Love
    9. Moving On
    10. The Climbing Rose
    11. Arise
    12. First-Time Mother’s Joy (Flying)
    13. Down Poured The Heavens

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