My Day Off

Yeah, thank God that my Monday this summer session two is my off day. Went to the Lakeshore Country Club today with Ted, Will and Xochi. I benched some weights, swam a few laps, jumped into the lake to grab a plastic bag that made it into the lake, and flirted with the cute lifeguard.

Will be back periodically to update this post.

Here are cool links:

  • Mimi Rogers divorced Tom Cruise because he refused to have anymore sex with her. Here. Fun stuff…
  • A possible reason to Jude Law’s cheating on Sienna Miller? Here.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t pay people with pennies anymore? Here.
  • Xbox 360 demonstrated its multimedia stuff, but not its gameplay. Microsoft sure is stupid. No one cares about anything but the gameplay. Sheesh. Here.
  • Put Google or Yahoo! maps onto your iPod photo. Neat! Here.

  • How to use an Apple Mighty Mouse correctly. Courtesy of TUAW.

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