Happy 22nd Birthday Tony!

Happy birthday. You’re so ugly.

School sucks. I swear I can’t wait for this session to be over. I’ll have much more time to myself when I no longer have two classes that are both two hours a day and four days a week. Man, this is brutal.

Things to do today: Eat, write, sleep. Blogcritics articles that I’ve recently written are below:

  1. Johnny Cash’s The Legend CD Box Set review
  2. Before Sunrise review

I uploaded more pictures onto Flickr, so you should see a lot more photos on the sidebar. I think there’s around 50. I’ll try to put more up, but there aren’t that many good pictures. We’ll see. I will also try to tinker more with the site layout. I’m thinking about moving the photos up and having the links underneath the photos. I’m thinking…

*Correction: Tony’s Birthday is the 27th – making it tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Happy 22nd Birthday Tony!”

  1. HAPPY DAY BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY TONY!! He officially turns 22 at midnight tonight… 🙂 Love you hun.

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