My Sister’s “Friends”

Mmm hmm hmm… what’s really been on my mind lately is my little sister. I worry for her. She went on a week long trip with her three girl friends and one guy friend to San Diego and these are new friends that the family doesn’t really approve of. I guess she’s just doing her freshman year rebellion thing and it’s only being amplified because she’s still at home. But these girls got mean with her when she was down there. This one girl, Carissa, said that she took too long to think about things and that she should just let her (Carissa) think for her and tell her what to think. And then Stephanie, the other friend, AGREED with her. Stephanie is someone that I’ve known for years and I just want to strangle her for making my wonderfully bright, sweet sister feel like shit. They even had the audacity to say that my sister gets A’s… STRAIGHT A’s in college, because she doesn’t think for herself and blindly goes along with whatever the professor says. My sister made the freaking Dean’s list. So by their logic, the people who are flunking out of college are the truly intelligent people. What can I do? My sister has made these people her whole life. Thankfully, some of her old friends are coming out of the woodworks and making her feel better. God I want to murder that first “friend.” Watch out Carissa, your ass is grass if you hurt my little sister again.

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