It Would’ve Been A Bad Day If I Wasn’t Drunk…

You know, had my presentation not been moved to today, I would have done better. But I really didn’t feel like presenting, and I knew I would mess up so I tried something. I drank two glasses of wine before my class trying to calm myself down. It didn’t work and I felt so drunk as I presented. I slurred my words, but I don’t think anyone cared. Although I did look at my teacher and he had this weird look on his face like “I know you’re hungover. And you’re going to fail.” Oh well.

I must brag about how great a player I am on Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball. Practically most of last week, I trailed. Last Friday, I trailed 3-9. Last Saturday, I led 8-5. Yesterday, I led 5-4. Today, I won 8-3-3. Damn, I am good. There are only six more weeks of the fantasy season left and I am in third place and I trail Johnny’s team by 9.5 games. It looks like a repeat of the 2003 season when I finished second behind Johnny. Although I feel a huge tear coming on, and I could overtake Johnny for #1.

Yesterday was the beginning of week three of my not having a cell phone. I guess it isn’t that bad to not have a cell phone; but in the absence of a cell phone, my dependence on the Internet has increased. For one thing, I need to know the time, and when I’m surfing or writing, I just need to look up at the top righthand to see the time. When I go home this weekend, I’ll collect my broken cell phone and be cut off no longer.

Things to do tonight:

  1. Finish writing NAS paper for teacher feedback.
  2. Read a whole bunch of stuff.
  3. Write a review or at least start a few of them.
  4. Prepare a book to be shipped for
  5. Tinker on D&L, and update more pictures.

Interesting links for today:

  • 9 anti-porn myths: here.
  • Apple headquarters via MSN Virtual Earth: here. Or is it?
  • Giant mice are eating chicks to the brink of extinction off of Britian: here.
  • Updated Super Mario Brothers without any enemies or obstacles: here. You just run, and try to beat the clock.
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