Last Day Of School – For The Week

Wow. Right now it is actually 11:33 PM on Wednesday night. I am cheating. But I’ve spent the last five hours writing this damn Native American Studies paper. Well, not a full five hours. I spent two hours watching Sportscenter, and spent about a half an hour of editing posts on Blogcritics. I also wrote some drafts of posts that I was working on. But now I am in the home stretch of this paper. I finished the other english paper that is due tomorrow as well at about 5:30 PM after i got home from school. Today was pretty relaxing in regards to my classes – watched movies all day. In english class, we watched Robert Altman’s Short Cuts and in NAS, we watched Where The Spirit Lives.

More in a few…

Rlyconfused and Brown Eyed Girl – Where are the posts? Are you guys dead?

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