Monday, Monday

Mondays suck. I think everyone knows that. Well, my Mon-DAY was awful, but my Monday night was good. My friend Karl came up to visit me because he wanted to check out the campus and town. He liked it. We went for a tour of the gym, took him around the old dorms and around the Arboretum. We checked out the Downtown, and hit a bar. Tony and Will had to study so they couldn’t join us. Our drinks included: screwdriver, gin & tonic, and scorpion. They were good.

More in a few…

*Evening Update: Just looked at the weather forecast and it looks like 100 degree weather for the rest of the week. Good God.

Went to Costco with Ted. I bought a few more DVDs and some 2 Buck Chuck. I did my daily editing of some Blogcritics video posts. I’m starting to get the hang of it. It’s certainly very time consuming, and hopefully I can fit that into my schedule along with my daily readings and regular Blogcritics posts.

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