Nice Weekend

It has been a nice weekend, down here in Berkeley. Very relaxing. I’m going back to Davis around 3 PM. It’s going to suck. Apparently there was a cooling trend in Davis for the weekend, but tomorrow the temperature is going to shoot to 98 degrees from today’s 90. Man.

I hung out with my friend Karl on Saturday. We watched Fantastic Four and War Of The Worlds along with my brother. I think out of the two, I liked Fantastic Four more. It was a fun movie. But needless to say I was still disappointed with those two films. Afterward, Karl and I went swimming and swung by Fenton’s for a milkshake.

Hopefully, I’ll come back to my house in Davis, and have my DVDs that I bought two weeks ago to be there. GRRR.

Karl recently asked my why I had a picture of Elisha Cuthbert as one of the photos on the front page. I told him the story. He was amused. Here is the story once again. I must add that this story was rejected for the California Aggie.

*Evening Update: I just got home in Davis, and to my surprise found a lot of goodies for me in the mail. I received for review: Stereophonics – Language, Sex, Violence, Other? CD, Mercury Rev – The Secret Migration CD, Charlie Mars – Charlie Mars CD, and Orgy – Trans Global Spectacle: 1997 – 2004 DVD. Also got some other DVDs…

But I forgot my cell phone at home in Berkeley, so if anyone needs to reach me – e-mail me or AIM me. Not that anyone talks to me.

2 Replies to “Nice Weekend”

  1. Hey Tan NOT the Man,

    War of the worlds wasnt too bad. Speilberg did what he had to. I heard Fantastic Four sucked balls, so that explains why you liked it you ball sucker. 🙂

    Anyway get online soon, or get your mommy to mail you your phone.

  2. tan…. jesus ass balls you have to make fun of people you can’t just write about your day fuck that fuck that in the ass tan serious. i mean just start saying stuff that pisses other people off see thats interesting. say something like fuck jesus, bush, kerry, jews, chinese, white devils, crazy blackinezes. I mean christ monky balls make fun of something or say something interesting. dont turn in to those bloggers who talk about their day (unless its interesting those guys need to be slapped tan, slapped in their virgin pimples. please tan i love your god like body, you know that, but i need more damnit.

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