Diet Cig – Over Easy EP (2015)

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Diet Cig - Over Easy EPIf Allo’ Darlin and Best Coast got together and had offspring, it probably would have grown up to be Diet Cig. But given how much of a tease the New York-native duo’s debut EP sounds, Over Easy resembles more of the ultrasound image posted on Facebook rather than the flesh and blood newborn resting in a hospital maternity ward. Yes, still a precious sight, but none of your (female) friends will be satisfied until they hold it or at least try to hold it.

The duo, Alex Luciano (vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums), recorded the five brisk (ten-minute total runtime), yet satisfying Luciano-penned tracks over last year’s Halloween Day. No, these are nowhere near the grim sounds such an eerie date would suggest (merely coincidence?), but instead carefree melodies I assume were dreamt up during a time spent all waking hours on the sand and surf.

“Breathless” starts off with a relative bang, hypnotizing you into a nostalgic trance where childhood memories play back in your mind with the visual quality of Super 8 mm film. “Pool Boyz” puts better perspective for those unfortunate landlocked souls since I, like most, was stunned that New Paltz, NY is neither close nor far from such a beach-filled lifestyle. It’s like the Corona ad said: Find Your Beach.

The EP’s highlight is “Scene Sick” when you suddenly realize the lyrics speak of the true meaning of life: “I don’t care / I just wanna dance!”

Diet Cig

Father/Daughter Records
Release: 24 February 2015

[photo via Goldest Egg|Father/Daughter Records]

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