Big Surprise? Has More Ads On Their Page Than Content

I tried to scan this interesting Forbes article about whether Yahoo! can succeed despite the heavy competition from Google and Microsoft.

Tried? Yes.

Failed? Yes. Anyone really surprised?

As you can see within this screenshot, there is more space devoted to advertisements than there is actual content. And that also includes that annoying floating banner in front of the header.

Forbes - Yahoo

The news column is barely bigger than the pseudo-ad column to the right of it, for crying out loud. And to top it all off, the article is spread over three pages, no doubt to inflate the artificial page-view statistic and the time an average reader spends at the website. In writing this little post, I’m still on the article page for probably a total of three minutes.

And no, I was so outraged I didn’t finish reading the article. I was too distracted by the naughty visual pollution.

And by the way, Forbes — your website is still very Web 1.0!

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