Bing Swipes “Last Chance Kitchen” Top Search From Bravo

The segment was called “Last Chance Kitchen” and was a web-only featurette. I searched it on Yahoo! (or Bing), and the image above shows the top searches. Microsoft’s Bing swiped the top result of “last chance kitchen” from (with the supposedly original streaming video) and instead tried to direct users to its own Videos page. … Continue reading…Bing Swipes “Last Chance Kitchen” Top Search From Bravo

Outside Lands 08: Parting Thoughts

While it might not have seemed like it, I did very much enjoy Outside Lands. There is a ton of potential for OT to be a premier summer festival that it makes you wonder why it hadn’t happened sooner. Designing such a big event isn’t easy and since this is the inaugural one, I’m going to give the Outside Lands organizers huge credit for both putting the effort and pulling it off. … Continue reading…Outside Lands 08: Parting Thoughts